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The Epidemiology Monitor -  July 2016

The June 2016 issue of The Epidemiology Monitor covers this year's Gordon Lecture along with a listing of those from the last 20+ years.  You'll find updates on butter and coffee along with a list of the honorable mentions in our haiku contest.  Finally we have a very large number of new job listings both online and in The Epidemiology Monitor.

This month the articles are:
  Gordon Lecturer On Waste In Research

  20+ Years Of Gordon Lecturers At NIH
  Time To Stop Demonizing Butter
  US Lags in Reducing Crash Fatalities
  Epi News Briefs
  Epi Haiku Contest Update
  Marketplace starts on page 17 in this issue

For the online readable version please click the "Read More" button.  Please use the download button to obtain a printable copy.  To be notified when the next issue is published and to see our Epi-Grams please click the "Subscribe" button.

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US Lags in Reducing Crash Fatalities


Gordon Lecturer On Waste in Research



20+ Years of Gordon Lectures




Time to Stop Demonizing Butter



Epi Haiku Contest Update
The Honorable Mentions




Epi News Briefs



People in the News


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