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Epidemiology Resources

Looking for information about epidemiology ?  The different category links below will lead you to a broad spectrum of information in a variety of formats.  Know of more information that should be included on our list ? 
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Keynote Talks Online

Web Links

Did you miss the last congress ?  Was there a speech out of town that you really wanted to attend but you couldn't ?  Find the recorded ones here:  SPEECHES>>


Updated links to services and resources that epidemiologists want or need.

Quotable Quotes Wit & Wisdom

Giving a lecture and want to find just the right epidemiology quote without searching forever - you'll find them all here:   FIND A QUOTE>>

  If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Epidemiology Wit & Wisdom we've provided some of the content here:  WIT & WISDOM>>

EpiSource Miscellany

Editor's Tips
Stories about epidemiology history and good, solid information for being an epidemiologist in today's world.   A lifetime of experience is translated into ongoing tips for our readers.  Want to know how to give a good speech ?  Here it is:  READ TIPS>>

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  For 31 years we've published the Epidemiology Monitor.  Now we've begun the process of putting online for you.   FIND A BACK ISSUE>>



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