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Rochester Epidemiology Project Data Now Available To Researchers Free Of Charge Through New Data Sharing Tool


The Rochester Epidemiology Project (REP) which has prevalence data on the health of the Olmstead County Minnesota population going back more than 50 years is making this information available free of charge to researchers, public health officials, and the public. According to Walter Rocca, co-director of The Rochester Epidemiology Project, this new tool, called the Data Exploration Portal, “…provides a new way to examine the occurrence of diseases and facilitate prevention in our community…We are excited to be able to share some of the data and to see what other insights it will bring to community health and wellness.”

According to a press statement, the Data Exploratory Portal will allow investigators to accomplish multiple purposes. These include:

1) Compare the prevalence of different conditions to determine if there is something of interest to investigate

2) Explore age and sex-specific information

3) Identify geographic clusters

4) Test hypotheses

5) Narrow the focus of public health agencies to the conditions most relevant to their communities

6) Allow providers to identify potential patient needs and better personalize care.

7) Allow patients to better educate themselves about their disease

To learn more about the REP and the data portal, visit:
https:/   ■


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