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The Epidemiology Monitor -  March 2017

This month’s issue of The Epidemiology Monitor presents updated information on ten epidemiology-focused summer programs. Altogether, these programs will provide approximately 220 different short courses on scores of topics between June and August 2017.  An estimated 250 faculty have been recruited to provide these short-term learning opportunities. More than half of the programs are being given outside the United States, mostly in Europe with one in Canada and another in Israel. Most of the programs take place in June and July with one or two earlier in May or later in August.

2017 Summer Programs Featured


• BiostatEpi • McGill
• Columbia • Ohio State University
• Erasmus • Tel Aviv University
• EEPE • Ulm University
• Johns Hopkins • Univ of Michigan
  Marketplace starts on page 19 in this issue

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